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picture of woman in field on sunny day

Tips for Photographing on Bright Sunny Days

Last weekend I was doing a test shoot at the University of Washington in preparation for an upcoming... [Read More]

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Photoshop Tutorials

Picture of Photoshop interface

Camera Raw Part 2-Global Editing Basics

In Part I of the Camera Raw series, I showed you how to open your JPEG files in Photoshop’s Ca... [Read More]

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My Product Reviews

picture of Glide Gear Camera Slider DEV 235

Why I love my Glide Gear Camera Slider

First of all, the Glide Gear DEV 235 Video Camera Track Slider w/ Adjustable Feet is not going to be Quentin Tarantino’s go-to piece of equipment BUT it is one of mine.  It’s a fantastic budget slider for the videographer who isn’t ready to drop $400+ on a more substantial unit. ... [Read More]

photo of monfrotto-701HDV system

Manfrotto 701HDV Pro Fluid Video Head

Much like it is true when shooting still photography, stabilization management is a critical variable in creating a quality video production. The truth is, it’s actually far more important with video because, let’s face it, inducing nausea or epileptic seizures with your viewers isn... [Read More]

picture of nikon D600

DSLR Camera Review-Nikon D600 Brings the Beef

Oh Lordy, yes I domy full-frame Nikon D600 Camera! It’s true, I bleed Nikon. It’s my platform of choice. I typically shoot with a D700 for professional photography but I purchased the D600 specifically for video work because  the D700 lacks that capability. To my surprise, the D600 is ... [Read More]